Nigeria Mega Rice Tech & Trade Show

A Leading Event Connecting The Entire Value Chain Of The Rice Industry In Nigeria.

International Conference Centre, FCT, Abuja
new date will be announced soon.
Exclusively Made In Nigeria Rice Trade Show
Welcome to The Largest Rice Tech & Trade Sourcing HUB in West Africa.

NIGERIA RICE TECH & TRADE SHOW is focused on Rice technical innovation in Nigeria Rice industry

The largest international Rice Show, Nigeria Rice Tech & Trade Show, in West Africa. This exhibition is an effective presentation venue and a place for business communication between Rice-Tech Manufacturers, Suppliers, distributors and buyers. It will bring together suppliers, Rice-Tech Technology transfer firms and leading experts from all around the world.
Industry stakeholders, interested in upgrading and improving the effectiveness of Rice production processes get the opportunity to see in action both proven Rice technological solutions from the major Rice-tech producers and recent innovations in the area of Rice production line

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Nigeria Rice Tech & Trade Show Benefits

Rice Brands Showcase

During Nigeria Tech & Trade Show Made in Nigeria Rice brands and varieties will be showcased to display Nigeria Rice Industry capacity.

Direct Marketing Opportunities

During the show, there will be direct marketing & Investment opportunities for productive Business-2-Business (B2B) and Business-2-Government (B2G).

Accessibility to Buyers

More than 25000 Consumers, Rice Miller, Rice-Tech Distributor or Suppliers are expected to participate, during the show, potential of Nigeria Rice will be displayed.

Rice Miller Tech. Summit

Nigeria Rice Tech & Trade Show will host largest on-site workshop for Rice Millers that will features impact of latest Rice Tech in Rice Production.

For Manufacturers/Producers

Corporate Projection and Positioning, Showcase Latest Products / Services, Increase Export / Domestic Sales, Product Launch, Locate Trade Partners / Commercial Agents, Technology Transfer,Sourcing Opportunities.

For Investors/Rice Tech.Transfer Firms

Joint Ventures, Investment Supply of Machinery, Equipment, Technical Know-How, Quality Control Systems etc, Sourcing Opportunities.Locate Trade Partners / Commercial Agents.

Unparalleled Business Ties

Business Tie-up/Collaborations, investment Commitments, Creation of Future Business Opportunities, Creating Dealership / Distributorship Network, Value Addition, Quality, Productivity, Marketing and Exports.

Nigeria Rice Mega Show

Why Participate

Nigeria Rice Tech & Trade Show is an ideal platform to source for new distributors, agents, and strategic partners to boost your company branding & market positioning in the Nigeria Rice Industry.

Nigeria Rice Tech and Trade Show

Rice-Tech Soucing Clients.

The Nigeria Rice Tech & Trade Show Sourcing  Buyers Program is designed to introduce 1000+ Rice miller, Suppliers and Distributors from across Nigeria to the very latest Rice Tech solutions and match buyers with relevant exhibitors for a series of one-to-one business meetings.

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