The Exclusive Sourcing Hub for Rice Tech and Trade in the Region.

The Rice Tech Show, RICETECH WEST AFRICA, is an industry-leading exhibition dedicated to showcasing the latest advancements and technologies in the rice processing sector.

Introducing Trending Rice Tech

The leading rice technology exhibition features state-of-the-art technologies, creative solutions, and top practices to improve rice production, storage, processing, and trading.

Marketing Hub for Rice Tech

As a prominent marketing opportunities hub, RICETECH WEST AFRICA plays a crucial role in the rice technology industry by offering a key platform for innovative solutions within the Region.

Regional Rice Tech Industry Insight

RICETECH WEST AFRICA knowledge-sharing sessions valuable knowledge on farming practices, post-harvest management techniques, market analysis, and policy reforms.

B2B Networking Opportunities

RICETECH WEST AFRICA drives business growth by facilitating the exchange of trends in the grain market, fostering B2B, interactions that benefit both regional and international markets.

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RICETECH WEST AFRICA. a regional rice tech premier show brings together key players ranging from farmers, and millers to manufacturers and suppliers to showcase the latest advancements and solutions in rice technology. 

Why Showcase your brands at RICETECH WEST AFRICA 2024

RICETECH WEST AFRICA 2024 is set to revolutionize the industry by fostering collaborations, facilitating knowledge exchange, and propelling the growth of rice technology in the region.

Exhibiting at RICETECH WEST AFRICA provides the opportunity to increase brand recognition and stay up-to-date with the regional rice industry demand.

Exhibitors at RICETECH WEST AFRICA 2024 gain access to a wide range of networking opportunities with key decision-makers to forge valuable partnerships and collaboration prospects.

RICETECH WEST AFRICA allows Exhibitors to stay updated on the latest advancements and rapid pace of rice technological innovation in the region agricultural sector.

By participating in this renowned event, RICETECH WEST AFRICA 2024, Exhibitors can maximize brand exposure and increase their visibility within the regional Grain industry.

RICETECH WEST AFRICA 2024 offers unparalleled growth and expansion in the vibrant regional grain market.

The RICETECH WEST AFRICA 2024 covers all aspects of Rice technology, including machinery and equipment, storage solutions, seed treatment products, and agricultural consulting services.

Rice-Technical Symposium

To discuss topics such as cropro techniques, cultivation practices, pest management, and post-harvest technologies.


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Productive B2B Networking

To stay updated on the latest industry developments, and seize new business opportunities in the dynamic regional Rice market.

Collaborate for Sustainable Growth

To Transform  the future of rice production and contribute to the overall economic and social development of West Africa.


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rice tech

Tech2Brands Opportunity

To present a unique chance for rice tech enthusiasts and brands to come together and explore the thriving rice tech industry in West Africa.

Don't miss out on the chance to showcase your brand at RICETECH WEST AFRICA 2024.

Presenting your brands at the RICETECH WEST AFRICA 2024 will give you a valuable opportunity to connect with potential customers and industry professionals in the West African region.